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Royal Coatings offers a number of specialized products for the oil and gas industry including Royal RC (Rod Coat). This product set the industry standard in sucker rod coating and provides 12-month field-corrosion resistance as well as fast early-water resistance.

In addition to Royal RC, we offer coatings that are ideal for wellheads and other equipment and facilities relative to the oil and gas industry.

Royal Coatings products for the oil and gas industry include the following. For product details, simply click on any of the products listed.

  • Royal RC (Rod Coat) – A custom-designed, durable coating that is also designed to completely dissolve downhole into a flowable liquid that does not interfere with pump operations.
  • WRC-75

  • We invite you to contact us today to learn more about any of our products for the oil and gas industry – and give your metal the Royal treatment.

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